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Will Twitter Spam Ruin Your Reputation?

Yesterday I noticed a near 10% spike in my followers.  You notice something like that.  I thought maybe it was an unexpected response to having my book on conflict resolution published.

It was not.  Instead it was a small army of spam porn accounts complete with embarrassing profile pics and porn links.  That Britney one with the peculiar punctuation and what I think is a hot dog is particularly dangerous.

Spam accounts cause a real problem for a professional using Twitter to communicate. 

A potential client could look at who follows me – why wouldn’t they?  If they see that I am followed by a bunch of porn spammers, what impact does that have on my reputation?

Sure, I can delete, or block, accounts, although the Twitter tools for doing so are slow and fallible.  They keep on coming back.

Now, you and I know that just because someone follows me, does not mean that I am associated with them, but then again you and I are fairly savvy about that sort of stuff.

To a potential client, or referrer, or colleague, I will be judged by the company that I appear to be keeping.

The answer is that I have to manage the followers and ensure that embarrassing contacts are not in there.  This is an unwelcome administrative chore especially when 50 of the scum turn up at once.

I could just leave the stuff up there, but then someone looking at my followers will draw the conclusion that I approve, don’t manage my online reputation, or am simply apathetic. Not quite the image I want to portray.

It becomes impossible for me to demonstrate Twitter, how it works and the like to colleagues or clients because I cannot click through to my followers confident in knowing that there will not be a new porn profile glaring out. 

I cannot even use Twitter, or the followers page at home if my children are around, or my wife for that matter – that is something I would rather not have to explain.

I now need to spend 15 minutes clearing my followers out.  Next time, who knows, I might just clear out altogether.

Twitter, do us a favour, and sort this out. 

Fellow Twitter users, is your followers page ruining your reputation?




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