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From Tesco Estate Agency To Tesco Law

Thanks to @paulhajek for flagging up this article;

“NEWS FLASH: Tesco bounces back into property market

Thursday 4th March 2010

Tesco is back in the estate agency market with the launch of Spicerhaart’s brand new offering, called iSold.

The new brand, whose slogan is ‘We simply sell homes’, has chosen Bristol for its national launch. Actual launch day has not been announced but is expected this weekend with local newspaper advertising apparently booked.”

Only recently I was being reassured by someone that Tesco had failed in Estate Agency and their forays into law would be similarly doomed.  I thought that was complacent at the time.  This form of complacency is ofen repeated and I have blogged on it once or twice already.

The Complacency Of Failure

There is a phenomenom that runs like this this.

A new initiative in providing professional services fails.  The failure of that particular initiative is then seized upon as demonstration that intiative as a whole is not required, will never succeed and that “The way we have always done it” will be the way we always will.

That, dear readers, may enbale the conservative (small c) wings of our professions to sleep at night, in complete denial of massive impending change, but it does not hold water.

Tescos have had previous forays into estate agency.  They failed. So what.  Fail quickly and move on.

I still think the brand name iSold is awful.  The bandwagon jumping lower case I prefixing an adjective or verb is so hackneyed already.

And that logo “We simply sell homes” is like something out of branding kindergarten.

Reader’s Comments

The comments on the post are interesting also.

Try this from Harry Shitemove, probably not his real name.

“you get what you pay for when it comes to personal service”

or this

“This is like the dotcom bubble all over again. I give them 18 months max. The only time you should be worried about a competitor is when they charge more than you. Tesco’s management are well respected, but this is a massive error on their part. They should stick to what they know, flogging me donuts and tasty sandwiches”

but perhaps, most odiously, as in a really rancid stench, is this very proud and handsomely paid estate agent who loudly proclaims;

“Ha Ha Ha Every Little Helps… If I got a 1k fee for selling a house then i wouldn’t get out of bed. VERY TRUE. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ! ! !”

What do I pay an estate agent for? To sell my house, not for a relationship.

Now, if the model gives me full online access to records of all enquiries, written comments on viewings, records on all follow-up calls and feedback from viewers, then I do not need to be kept holding on an estate agent’s phone line or waiting for calls to be returned.

The future is coming.  Please try to stay awake while it happens.


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