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“The End of Lawyers?” and the Power of Po

Susskinds Evolution of Legal Services

Susskind's Evolution of Legal Service

Much has already been written about Richard Susskind’s book “The End of Lawyers?” This article is not intended to serve as a review of the book, although for the record I found it to be well written, respectful if occasionally mischievous and cogently argued.

Instead, my purpose is to put “The End of Lawyers?” into the new emerging legal environment and to explore possible reactions to the book. I will be concluding that instead of seeing “End of Lawyers?” as heralding the end, it can, instead, enable us to move forward positively and creatively.

By way of recap, Susskind argues that the way in which legal services are currently provided is facing inevitable change. That change will be driven by an “Evolution of legal services” from the current conventionally Bespoke level, through to Commoditised services.

It is well worth keeping this whole spectrum in mind, as one response to Susskind’s argument has been to reduce it to a binary choice between fully bespoke service and a perception of remote, automated, online processes.

Susskind’s position is far more nuanced than that and it is within those distinctions that an of opportunities can be uncovered.

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