Lawyer1point9 follows me, Neil Denny, Consultant family lawyer with Mogers, Bath, UK as I delve into the dark murky waters of technology and this thing called web2.0. If it helps you to understand where I am starting from, then I do believe there is such a thing, and I do believe it will have a profound impact on law firms.  I buy into Susskind, Twitter (@neildenny), Youtube (MogersTV) but I still haven’t gone back to Facebook since a girl I knew when I was 12 sent me a picture of her, now 30 something, in stockings.  I guess I’m just shy like that.  None of my entries on this website represent legal advice, no reliance should be placed upon the entries or comments here. The views expressed are my own, or views that I feel merit sharing and exploring. In no way should views expressed here be seen as representing the views of Mogers Solicitors.


One response to “About

  1. Like it!

    Have added your site to my ‘blogs to keep an eye on’; always nice to find new thinking, especially with a humorous edge.

    Keep up the good work.

    All the best


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