More Blasted Spam

I seem to be inundated with spam these days, and from people I know, am connected to, or share a group with on LinkedIn. It massively undermines your brand and trust in your LinkedIn efforts.
Inviting me to simply respond with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the email subject bar does not cut it.
Why not put SPAM in your subject bar and then reconsider whether you want to send that out to clients you are trying to attract?


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One response to “More Blasted Spam

  1. This drives me nuts as well – I have had a few spam emails from LinkedIn contacts who have put their LinkedIn network emails into MailChimp or similar and signed me up to a newsletter.

    I suspect this is in breach of LinkedIn T&Cs and I certainly regard it as spam (and report it as such wherever possible). Agreeing to connect with someone on LinkedIn is just that in my view – not an agreement to receive any email list they may care to sign you up to outside LI.

    The last one I had was an email with the subject “The biggest Time Wasters in Business”… I unsubscribed and responded to the effect that this kind of spam email was probably one of the biggest time wasters in my business! I haven’t had a response.

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