Law Firm Video Envy Is A Joyous Thing

I was sent a tweet today from @colmmu on Twitter with a link to a law firm video promoting mediation.  Many readers will know that this was going to press all my buttons for a couple of reasons.

  1. I work in collaborative law which is itself a form of alternative dispute resolution.
  2. I have an interest in law firm video having produced several with no budget at all over at MogersTV
  3. I am a big believer in law firms and lawyers using social media to develop brands and ideas.

I can be pretty scathing about other law firm videos.  YouTube does not need another talking head reading a script off the laptop screen.

When I got the link this morning I gave it a look and was just amazed.  Here, see for yourself…

There is so much to like about this.

I respect the company for having the conviction to invest a reasonable sum into creating this initiative.

Having got the budget, I love the work done by Lambda films.  There is some very punchy editing.  The break at 1 minute 38 is inspired.  I am horribly envious of the photo-frame effect they have got, and the gag with the mediator in the closet, drinking a nice cup of tea is well done as well.

I also appreciated the Making Of… videos that you can also watch – a good way of maximising value for money.

This is quite simply a brilliant law firm video and it deserves every success… I’ve got to get me one of those budgets.

If you are interested in hearing more then Mark Finch, the guitarist and star mediator will be joining me and my fellow podcast host Stephen Anderson on Monday 13th December for episode #6 of the Collaborative Law and ADR podcast, now available on iTunes, just search collaborative law.


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One response to “Law Firm Video Envy Is A Joyous Thing

  1. Hi Neil

    I blow hot and cold on videos like this. There is an argument that they are fun. But they could also be devaluing to the firms brand.

    So my feeling is that you have to understand who you are pitching your services too.

    Also for mediation, (which I am certainly no expert in), how serious would I take someone who is singing and dancing when I am looking to have a stressful problem solved? Would I be thinking “well he is a bit of a joker…I could get on with him” or would I be thinking “he’s a bit of a joker, will he be joking like that when he is dealing with my affairs?” Those are very definitive thought options.

    I have started wondering recently about how law firms are trying to shoe horn the latest tech into a world that is not quite ready for it.

    So take an example like iPhone. It started at 1.0 and has evolved over time (with consumer input), to 4.2.

    4.2 didn’t just happen overnight, it evolved over time from 1.0.

    What I am saying is that I am worried that law firms try to start at 4.2 and forget the evolution from 1.0.

    To be clear, I am certainly not saying what Mark is doing is wrong, (and it is a very well made, fun video) but I am wondering if that is what clients expect from their solicitor at this moment in time.

    For me, your flip chart video connects with me much better as it sets out a navigation and leverages your expertise far more. Remember, it is your expertise that I am seeking.

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