This Blogpost Has Nothing To Do With The World Cup… At All

The World Cup has sent PR, marketing agents and bloggers into a frenzy.

BBC’s Radio 5 has become unlistenable.  It was already saturated with football coverage and this latest deluge has resulted in a horrific flood.

The tabloids are obsessed and the broad(er) sheets are becoming increasingly indulgent.

Every news story, article and (already) too many blog posts, are geared to some World Cup angle.

The World Cup increases TV sales, barbecue equipment, Pringles sales, cold beers, fridges to put your cold beers into and cold beer holders to take your cold beer out of your World Cup Sponsor liveried “Personal” cold beer fridge.

We will be led to believe that the World Cup increases divorce enquiries but decreases new house sales, drives business but threatens productivity and challenges employment law, incurs copyright and IP infringments and so on and so on and, incessantly, so on.

The reality is very different.  People who were doing jobs and selling products and services are still doing so.  The World Cup has little to do with divorce enquiries, enquiries of estate agents, therapists or professional dog walkers, other than self serving press copy by one company, body, pressure group or other.

Keep your eyes open, therefore, for attention seeking, irrelevant blog articles ostensibly about the World Cup but which in reality have nothing to do with it.

I’ll kick off our search with this one.

Rant over.

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