Just Look at Where Your Social Media Got You!

If you were to look back at my very first naive entry on this blog, you will see this aspiration;

“One day I would love to be presenting on this stuff.”

In September, I will be presenting on this stuff at not one, but two events.

The first is the international Mediation Business Summit. I will be joining a stunning line up of speakers to explore how my colleagues within the alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation and collaborative law industry can develop our businesses.

If you are interested in finding out more, registering your interest for one of the strictly limited 250 tickets or seeing my mugshot, then go and have a look here.

I will be speaking as part of a panel to close the event on Saturday 18th September.

In the following week I am presenting a workshop for Resolution, being the leading family law association in UK, at their national ADR Conference to be held in Oxford.  The topic? Again, growing your business.

In both cases I will be speaking very clearly about the way that I have used social media to define, communicate and build trust, and new business, with referrers of some excellent work, and direct with new clients.

I will also be showing how social media enables us to demonstrate expertise and also break out of our silos and bring in practices and attitudes from other industries – often with startling results.

The last 15 months have been awesome.  A key part of that progress and business development has been, without a doubt, the social media I have engaged with.

I hope that, in September, I can encourage others to get started and stick with it.

I still remember the sage advice my good friend and mentor @dmje told me;

“Sign up for Twitter and give it a fortnight.”

I did and haven’t looked back since.


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