Winding Up Lawyers? A Sign of the Times?

Portsmouth Football Club face a winding up order today as requested by HMRC.

This high profile application has drawn my attention to the Companies Court Winding Up List .

As many readers will know, I am a family lawyer and so this is not my usual haunt.

As I read through the list I noticed that there were two solicitors firms named as also facing winding up orders. I had a hunch about a third named company on the list which felt like it was probably a law firm, googled it, and yes, there is a law firm by the same name.

That’s three law firms facing winding up orders in one day. Is that reflective of the times that many firms continue to face?

I hope this is not a typical day for the profession. There is no reason why it should be. After all today’s list contains a total of 4 football clubs; Portsmouth, Hinckley, Cardiff and Southend, and I know that is not typical.

All the same, the list makes for sobering reading. It is a litany of struggling organisations. Those organisations represent their owners dreams and aspirations. They employ hundreds of people between them. My thoughts go out to all who are about to be effected by the outcomes in the normally little heeded Court Room #56.

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