Kindle, Moleskine and the iTablet

A couple of funny things happened earlier this week.

Firstly I was asked for my vote on whether our family law team at Mogers should switch to online resources for our law journals and periodicals.

For all my enthusiasm for all things tech I realised that in this context I would much prefer the printed material.


I don’t have strong views on the quality of print on screen – although the Kindle and it’s like leave me completely disinterested.

No. My decision was based on the ease of use. I still find the existing online resources, with their labyrinthine processes, forms, paranoid protections and processes to be nothing less than repulsive.

They push me away rather than welcoming me in and offering an enjoyable, or at least comprehensible, experience.

I was over-ruled being the only luddite who voted for print.

The next surprise was that I found myself indulging in the bizarre cult of Moleskine. Please, nobody tell my wife, but I invested (yes, they really are that expensive) tentatively.

My toe in the Moleskine water was a purchase of the 3 pack of exercise books.  Why?

No doubt about it, Moleskine are doing wonderful work in creating a brand that adds value in the eyes of its customers.  They then shout loudly about the product, which is just a notebook, so that the curious, and perhaps the gullible, buy one to suck it and see.

I have been asked to write blogs professionally for a couple of client firms and my thinking is to have a book for each so that I can jot down ideas in graphical format, such as mindmapping, that I cannot currently do on Evernote.  See my previous post.

So, my latent ludditism resurfaces once again.  Printed text for research and the written notebook.  Whatever next…

…oh hang on.  Just seen this leak on the iTablet … Scrap everything I just said…


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2 responses to “Kindle, Moleskine and the iTablet

  1. Moleskin products, like Apple, are addictive. Once you try them you wont go back, you’ll simply start collecting different versions 🙂

  2. I did feel a sense of trepidation that this might be the case.

    There is something about them. I suspect it is nothing more than the price. Because I have paid more for it than I should, I am inclined perhaps to attribute it more regard, and value, than I otherwise would.

    I will have to start stashing them around my house if I start collecting them!

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