Wow. The things we could do… but how?

One of the things I love about the current revolution taking place in social media and online services is the array of free utility software that enables the curious and the creative to make and do.

I have had great fun experimenting with Youtube, itself a free way of getting profile and communicating your message. But how were they made?

You can find my various videos at Mogers TV on Youtube. All of those videos were created for nothing other than a bit of time, application and initiative.

The Collaborative law video was prepared by narrating the audio into free sound recording software called Audacity. It is very easy to download. Once you have it, get stuck in and find your way around. I’m happy to help with questions.

I recorded the video using my sony handycam and then spliced the two together using Microsoft Windows Movie Maker – a surprisingly capable bit of bundled software.

The newer videos exploring how to apply for a divorce are done using Audacity once again to record the narrative but this time using free to download and use software called CamStudio to record the video.

The video is comprised of action recorded live from my computer screen. CamStudio is a bit clumsy in some of its implementation but after a couple of hours I was able to find ways to work around its limitations. Again, I’m happy to give more information or answer questions, but for now I would encourage anyone to give Audacity, Youtube, CamStudio and your existing video equipment and see what you could create.


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