Early Leaders for the Divorce Day Cup

Just before Christmas I was pondering who would herald in the New Year with shouts of “Divorce enquiries UP!”

Well, having been under starter’s orders for a while now, they’re off.

We had an early disqualification for Vanessa Lloyd-Platt for jumping the gun with her December press release proclaiming that her company were flogging divorce vouchers for Christmas.  It was reported in The Lawyer here . It is useful to use that source as a link as it demonstrates that lawyers as a profession do not all think like that. Read the comments;

Cheap stunt. A quick look at the website confirms this. Big on trashy self-publicity. Very short on class.” comments Dayglo Dave, presumably not his real name.

So, which of the remaining horses have taken up the early running?

How about this press release ?

“Business is booming” …”bracing the company for the busiest January ever.”

“the general divorce rate will rocket in 2010…” and also, strangely, from the same press release…

“2010 will also be see the company celebrate its tenth birthday having launched in May 2000.” (sic).

Remember though, we have a whole month ahead of us.  Please do send links to stories in your local or national press about “Divorce enquiries up in January”, or that phrase, “Divorce Day.”

I think then we might get some new insight, new perspective and please, please, please, some new copy.  Families who are going through break-up already know where the lawyers are.  Point out where other support and assistance is.


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