Lazy Rehashed Press Releases From The Old World

I want you to help me.

Over the next few weeks there will be a splurge of self promoting lawyers heralding the hackneyed old refrain that January “Is a boom time” for new divorce enquiries. 

Cue tired old headlines like “Hapy New Year?” complete with ironic question mark.

I am looking forward to sharing some new initiatives in 2010 which actually give value and information rather than simply opening our PR funnel to receive this deluge of newly dissatisfied customers that many other firms will be so loudly proclaiming.

I thought it would be interesting, with your help, to collect every press release and news story proclaiming the New Year influx. 


To reveal the cult of the New Year divorce press release, but also to consign ye olde way of selling divorce to the history books, and usher in the Web 2.0 way, or at least, one Web 2.0 way, of building relationships.

We can compare the similarities in the various articles and even the quotes provided.

So please do help.  If you see any “January sees increase in divorce misery” or the like either online or in your local press, send them through to me, by link, scanned article or hard copy so we can create our very own scrapbook and reminisce on the way divorce lawyers used to sell themselves.

Join me and send me through your links.


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3 responses to “Lazy Rehashed Press Releases From The Old World

  1. peninsulawyer

    Totally up for this – it can join the collection of “employment law issues which may arise from the Christmas party…” press releases!

    Count me in…

  2. Will do. Concept of divorce as necessarily adversarial needs to be addressed. My ex will be with us at Christmas – it’s the least we can do for the children & family

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