Times are tough. Whatever you do, nobody innovate!

When I was writing a recent post about legal innovation I noticed that the target firm there had previously won Legal Technology Awards.  I was impressed with theor commitment, although as you can see form the earlier post I was not altogether impressed with the way they were communicating with the market.

When I followed through to the awards website I was startled to read that the award was not going ahead this year because of the downturn in the market.  Why would the downturn not drive firms to innovate?

On Twitter this evening I was startled to learn of a reasonably sized 4 office firm in the South of England apparently having gone into liquidation this evening.  Times are tough indeed and perils of the Assigned Risk Pool may yet drown many more small to medium sized firms.

Innovation does not need massive investment but it might just be the thing that distinguishes you from your competitors and brings that new client. What are you doing?  Whatever you do, don’t do nothing.




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