…of suits and geeks…

I have some good friends in the tech industry with loud voices debating the merit in breaking down the status quo relating to copyright and the like.

I touched upon the copyright issue, very briefly, in my post lamenting the president of the Law Society’s inaugural artcle in the Gazette.

It seems clear to me that the intellectual property ways of old, as enshrined in common law and statute, are

  • facing immense change
  • under attack; or
  • doomed

depending upon your position.

Is it the case, I wonder, that it is purely the domain of the tech producers, users and enthusiasts to challenge the established order?

On the other hand, is the role of the Internet/Media Law lawyer to merely uphold the law of the land or do the two camps collaborate to explore what the landscape could look like in the years to come. 

If so, where? What forums are there where these conflicting positions can be thrown together and explored?

I’d be interested in hearing more of that conversation.


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