Punk law, anyone, anyone…

Punk Law.

There’s a brand, or a blog, ready for someone to pick up and run with.

The idea came to me while being interviewed on Blogtalkradio – see this post.

I was recounting how the manner in which I had prepared my Youtube clip was in keeping with punk ethics, namely, it doesn’t matter if you are not a virtuoso guitar player, pick it up and get started. The form is to some extent irrelevent, as long as the message, the content, is good.

If clients are going to be looking for lawyers who meet with them on the client’s terms and in the virtual spaces that the client’s use, then is it likely they will look for other resonances?

If physical location is less relevant, then the choice that a client has as to who he or she instructs becomes impossibly diverse. Is it inevitable that they will therefore look for other similarities linking their tastes, values and aspirations with their solicitor of choice.

To what extent do we deliberately communicate our tastes, sympathies and values within social media? (Not that I have ever been a punk, although I did once have a Jimbob from Carter USM haircut. My mum thought it was very nice which wasn’t quite the point.)

Even in the title to this blog, I am communicating other tastes, namely an affinity for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

I wonder if we do it all the time and how we survive when that gets repressed by the larger corporate image. To what extent does social media provide an outlet…

…and what would a Malcolm McClaren designed law firm look like anyway?

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