Blogradio Interview Set List

Photo credit to AndrewVDill Flickr CreativeCommons

Photo credit to AndrewVDill Flickr CreativeCommons

I was interviewed on Saturday by Blawgtalkradio, about the foray into YouTube that I made for my law firm Mogers.

The full interview, kindly said by some to be inspiring, can be found here.

For those without speakers handy, I have pasted below the crib sheet, or set list, that I had prepared to structure our discussions to give you a feel of what was discussed.

Tell us about the film.
1. What is it
2. Where is it
3. Why did you make it
   a. Personal curiousity/interest – can I, and how do I
   b. Susskind’s End of Lawyers book and how Soc.Med will impact on lawyers
   c. Start debate in firm and broader re soc med
4. Why did you make it that way/Design choices
   a. Worked within restrictions – tech, equipment, lighting
   b. Led in part by collaborative law model – not too centred on me
   c. Desire to be different
   d. No suits or desks
   e. Punk ethics?…
5. How did you make it
   a. Stuff lying around the house
      i. Family camcorder
      ii. Flip chart in my study
      iii. Software freely available
6. Permission from law firm? Sought approval as matter of courtesy and to stimulate debate
7. Questions regarding;
   a. Quality – Doesn’t need to be pristine, but of a certain level
   b. Content control – Likely that future editions will be cleared
   c. Inclusion into mainstream company web – unlikely and unnecessary? Soc Media strategy can run parallel to central web. Distinction between the web 1.0 content and contribution from individuals on soc media who lend their enthusiasm and creativity in this way. Different audiences?
   d. Way forward/strategy – Create and drive repeat visits – other content/series
8. How to get heard?
   a. Blogging
   b. Ecademy
   c. Twitter – retweeting not obtrusively but regularly
   d. The tipping point?

There is a great deal within this to come back in future articles.  If there is any particular area you would like me to concentrate on then please do get in touch.

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