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Blawgradio on Blogtalkradio


I will be talking on Blawgradio, hosted on Blogtalkradio, together with Tia Carr Williams of Legal Social Media this coming Saturday.

We will be exploring the short story of a little YouTube video that has gone to the top.

Many readers will already be familiar with my first tentative steps into the world of YouTube. My guide to the collaborative law process has taken off and gone viral to some extent.

It is the #1 result for Collaborative law on YouTube, has come to the attention of Pauline Tesler, recognised as one of the leading lights within the collaborative law field and is being hosted on other law firms websites and upon the website for the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.
Our Blawgradio slot will explore the practicalities of getting stuck in and making the film and the challenges presented to myself, my law firm and the profession generally through the adoption and use of media such as this.

Join us live or download the webcast later.


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Coming Soon…

I have been asked to contribute to some upcoming blawgradio sessions over the coming weeks looking at various issues. I will let you all have further details closer to the time but for now check out my good friends at Legal Social Media.

We are currently brainstroming on what to cover, whether the Susskind challenges or the approach to getting started within legal social media.

On the latter I would propose to share my experiences in creating my Collaborative Law Youtube movie. There are several elements to it, the filming, getting to grips with the video editing software, (finally) looking at YouTube and finding out how very easy it is to contribute and then how to communicate that to my law firm employers.

More details to follow then.

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