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Picture courtesy of Flickr's frenkieb

Picture courtesy of Flickr's frenkieb

When I started this blog, I was feeling rather self conscious about trumpeting profound changes to the legal profession whilst still safely ensconsed within it.  I was aware that posting, excitedly, about new shape organisations and practices might come across as being rather priviledged at a time when many have lost their jobs and, feasibly with it, their livelihoods.

It is with some relief therefore that I now write to explain my on current circumstances.

I have switched to a consultant role within Mogers solicitors.  This means that I am therefore self employed, although I still service Mogers clients and the family law clients that are referred to me are, essentially, clients of Mogers.  The Consultant title tickles.  It is the kind of thing that 68 year senior partners usually do when they are too frightened or institutionalised to retire fully and let go of their practices.

I am far from being 68 years old.

The result is that I am free to explore the broader fields of the changing market under my self-employed banner.  It means that I can write from a position of authority of what it means to be outside the conventional models.  And hopefully it means that I avoid the hypocracy highlighted above.

The result for my former employers is that they save a not insubstantial sum in no longer having to pay my salary –  a crucial consideration in this most difficult of markets.

My immediate thoughts on this model are that the opportunity to lawyer and organisation are manifold and mutually beneficial.

I am not obliged to be at my desk, looking busy in an office where there is inadequate work to keep me busy.  I have the opportunity to explore this beast called the portfolio career.  I have the time and opportunity to get a book written on my other specialism, namely conflict dynamics – see – and to present training sessions and keynotes on how we trip ourselves up in conflict situations more frequently.

I wonder whether part of the changes we are experiencing will see many more following such a path… and I continue to wonder where all of those redundant lawyers currently are?  What are they doing?

Perhaps there is a need for  I haven’t set it up yet, but if anyone wants to steal a march and go for it then do so.  If it isn’t soon, I will probably get around to it later.

In the meantime, the portfolio career, the consultancy and the like are all part of the journey into law2.0 that I anticipated at the outset of this blog.  Let’s see where it leads and who else is coming along on the journey.

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