Leaning on the Cloud

Time to buy some tech!

Would you buy a computer from these people?

Would you buy a computer from these people?

For reasons that I look forward to sharing over the coming weeks, I need to buy a laptop or notebook/tablet.

I am encouraged by the wealth of hosted web apps online from Google Docs to @thobu’s lovely, simply lovely Mindmeister.

The question is this – Will a tablet suffice in this day and age or do I still need a laptop with obscene amounts of hard drive and memory? Your thoughts?

I can’t help feeling as I look through the unhelpful ads and tech spec that the whole race for bigger better faster is simply an extension of the Spectrum vs Commodore 64 spats I used to indulge in as a 12 year old in the school playground.

With the remarkable success of Nintendo’s Wii, and the inverted influence of the Asus and the one Laptop Per Child is the future in low spec and tablet form?

Please help.

What would you buy for writing, blogging, online access on the move and presentations including, cue some unnecessary jargon I learnt, “Enriched” media?

Two closing points.

  1. Cost is a consideration – As a starting point, why would I spend more than this? You tell me… and
  2. Clearly the Commodore 64 was a far superior machine. Whoops, that’s done it.

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One response to “Leaning on the Cloud

  1. Neil: my 2c:

    – don’t get a tablet: not very robust, and a gimmick
    – consider an Asus: incredibly cheap, and tiny. Can run Linux or XP
    – if you’re really thinking mobile, look at one of the “laptop plus dongle” deals: you get free laptop plus data dongle plus data plan.

    Obviously, you could also get online by hooking up your N95 to whatever you buy, but speeds won’t be nearly as good

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