Facebook and the Recruiter

There has been a flurry of activity recently on social networking and employment repercussions.

There was the girl who was sacked for saying her job was boring and today, as I read through Twitter on my bus ride into work, I followed a link through to this article, repeating warnings about online visibility and how employers can access more information than ever before.

Although the topic is not new there are some interesting angles regarding privacy and discrimination.

Two thoughts occured to me.  Firstly how laws become obsolete, or at the very least, incomplete.  Will there be new legislation to deal with rights to post as we see fit online and preserve a right to privacy.

Surely, if someone discloses details online in a public, open environment, they forego privacy?  Any thoughts?  To what extent can it be possible to attain privacy between social and professional spheres in the emerging environment?

But the second point that occured to me was how long will it be before we have recruiting services who will compile a dossier, for an agreed fee, about a potential candidate colalting their online details and activities?

Perhaps it is already being done. 

Thanks to @steveimparl on Twitter for flagging up the article.


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