Boomshine as a Metaphor for Innovation

I have recently been reminded of the compulsive glory of Boomshine.

Click Boom

Click Boom

I was playing alot of Boomshine about 18 months ago. Look at the stats on the site and you will see Iwas not the only one.
At the time I was taken by the idea of game as metaphor – I touch upon the idea of Play in the post “What’s My Motivation, Here?” and it is likely to be a theme that develops.
In Boomshine your task is simple. You have one mouse click which will set off an explosion which you hope will, in turn, set off other explosions.
You have to try to forecast how your explosions will link together and destroy a predetermined number of coloured blobs. In doing that you try to evaluate the patterns of the unexploded blobs and how they might catch the explosion and in turn, pass it on.
It is a great metaphor for the idea of virality and promoting innovation within an organisation.  If I set off this initiative here, will it in turn ignite a sponsor or supporter within the organisation who, in turn, might be able to contact, and infect, someone else who…
Of course, that might be complete clap-trap.  Success in Boomshine might be completely random and impossible to predict.  Try it and let me know your thoughts.
There is a great BarCamp session to lead on this, which reminds me, I really should get sorted about the Leeds LawCamp
Are you going?

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One response to “Boomshine as a Metaphor for Innovation

  1. Thanks for writing about my game. I agree that it can be interpreted that way.

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