The Incredible Shrinking Law Society Gazette

Click through for Law Society Gazette Online

Click through for Law Society Gazette Online

Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the incredible shrinking Law Society Gazette.

I have just received this week’s copy.

It has become something of a dark sport in my office to guess how many pages each weekly issue will contain. This week we are at a middling 36 pages.

It has been lower. It used to be much higher.

The biggest culprit for the loss of volume is the sparsely populated recruitment section. This previously took up 10s of pages, with several large recruitment agencies having glossy double spreads and even the small classifieds taking up 5-6 pages.

This week, by way of example, there are only 15 classified jobs in the small ads section, and 21 in-house, local authourity or spot ad recruitments.

Remarkably only 2 agencies are advertising, and then with single page ads only – Chadwick Nott and G2 Legal.

To some extent therefore the Gazette can be taken as a barometer of our profession. When in becomes a bit weightier in the hand again perhaps we can all feel a little more comfortable.


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One response to “The Incredible Shrinking Law Society Gazette

  1. Just wandered across this posting – and things are still the same, in that the number of pages the Gazette publishes weekly is a yardstick by which one judge the state of the (recruitment) market in legal. I’m frankly delighted that some people realise that we’re bound inextricably to market forces, even though the Law Society is our publisher – if there’s not the money to pay for ads, we haven’t the pages to run.

    Keep the insight coming…

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