Evangelising to the Firm

Seth Godins Tribes

Seth Godin's Tribes

I am reading Seth Godin’s book “Tribes” at the moment and a lot of what he writes about resonates with my experiences of evangelising about web2.0 and tech to my employers.

I wanted to demonstrate the potential of new forms of communication and relating to the marketplace. It was important, I believed, not just to present an idea, but to present an example.

I thought I would lead with introducing YouTube and the idea of having our very own YouTube account. I prepared a mock up of what the end product might look like, how it would sound and the kind of message it would carry. I am thinking of the story in Tribes about the lady who mocked up a whole range of furniture for a sales pitch, instead of just presenting diagrams. – Initiative, pg 95

Sure it took me several weekend hours to learn the how-to’s but it was enjoyable. That probably speaks volumes in turn about needing a passion to drive the idea forwards.

The response was not what I expected at all. I expected reticence, suspicion and, frankly, a “No”

The response was an excited “YES!” followed by a raft of ideas from other people about how our account can be used. The enthusiasm is proving to be contagious and MogersTV is proving to be a success and a focus point within our organisation for the world of opportunities that lie ahead.

A reshoot of the video followed and can be seen below.

The moral? Believe in what you are pushing forward and do it passionately.


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