The Profession That Ate Itself Alive

The legal profession, let there be no doubt, is being thrown into turmoil, as it struggles to keep up with change from within and without. The results occassionally make for uncomfortable viewing.

I have previously touched upon this with previous links to correspondence in the Law Society Gazette, such as the “Bespoke Suits” letter.

This week’s Gazette shows another letter, not posted online but found at page 9 under the title (hopefully not the Author’s chosen title) “Good riddance, you deserve it.”

It begins;

“I confess to feeling a certain amount of schadenfreude at the news last week of the demise of another `conveyancing farm’…”

and continues onto

“…They deserve their fate.”


“Fellow property lawyers – please stop prostituting yourselves and regain your self respect.”

It is inevitable that many new models will not succeed, but that does not mean that they were not required, nor does it mean that the innovators, proprieters and staff deserve this outburst as they face very real difficulties.

There will be much more distress ahead, whether through the economy, regulatory or technological advances. We need to consider how will those people coming out of the profession be used, catered for, redirected, even rehabilitated. I suspect there are new shaped roles for most if not all and part of this process of change may well be to consider that emergent sector.

Instead of crowing at other people’s misfortune, we can afford to ask what needs are there for retraining? What new skills will Law2.0 require and how can they be met by what is likely to be an increasingly available workforce.


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