Lawyer1point9 – getting there

Meet @dmje, or “At damage” as I call him to remind myself of his initials.

@dmje is a long suffering, sardonic, sometimes angry webtech geek who tolerates my progress from digital backwaters into something resembling 2.0 competence.

A few weeks ago he tweeted a throwaway tweet, as we do on Twitter, suggesting that I was the original Lawyer2.0 . I was flattered but embarrassed.  That, and I suspect he wasn’t altogether serious.   I suspect that people like @johnbolch, @nickholmes, @kevinokeefe and many others would have something to say about that.

But it set in mind an idea for a new blog.  Lawyer1point9.  I am not an expert, or an authority on this stuff.  What I have is a passion and a fascination for what we can achieve using the resources that are becoming available.  I am sharing that with my law firm Mogers and am astounded to see that they embrace the potential.  For example, see MogersTV.

We are embarking on a remarkable journey.  One day, I may well hold a degree of authority on this stuff. One day I would love to be presenting on this stuff.  In the mean time though, take a while to walk alongside me. Let me know how I’m getting on, and if you’ve got suggestions, then please do join @dmje in throwing them at me.



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4 responses to “Lawyer1point9 – getting there

  1. Mr Denny. Thanks for the mention – appreciated (“damage”?) – look forward to watching how this progresses. And also interested in coming along to help you evangelise, anytime.


  2. Welcome to the balwgosphere!

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